Monday, August 22, 2005

I have way too much yarn laying around the house. So deiceded to devote alot of my time to making stuff and putting it away for christmas presants. While looking threw my stash of beloved yarn I came across 3 skiens of 1 pound yarn. It's baby blue and from Redheart. Decided to make another afghan. I would say its about a 1/4 of the way finished now. I started it yesterday. It's such a simple pattern but I like it alot. I think I like it alot cause its just one color and dont have to weave in alot
of free ends from color changes. I think the biggest weave in project I ever did was a baby blanket I made for my sister given to her at her baby shower. It turned out great but the weaving in took about the same time it took to crochet it together. I have a pic of it somewhere around here. It's a pattern that I don't belive I'll be atempting again. It even says on the directions its easy but takes alot of patience. Those words sunk in halfway threw it. hehe Ok I'm back off to add a few more rows to the blue afghan.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sorry I'm not much of a blogger....

Ok so my latest finished project was a simple filet doily. The pattern I got from A Year of Doilies book 5 from Leisure Arts. Midway thru I had the bright Idea of making the same doily but instead of BREAD, make my nieces each one with their names.
This pic is before blocking, the points are supposed to be pointer.. and in the book it shows it framed and hanging on the wall next to the bread on the buffet. I'm guessing for Thanksgiving dinner. I thought it was cute.. but I know I'm weird. Any whooooo I think I might get a start on those name doilies. And I have another dog sweater that I'm making for my friends mini dachshund. Kiki's long distance bf. hehe Its the same pattern as Kiki's except it's blue and oxford grey. Going to make a matching scarf for my friend so she matches her fur baby when they go for walks. hehe

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Here is me pretending to blog.. but this isn't an actual blog. If this were a real blog a tone would sound and directions would follow. Anyway.. I'm sitting here restraining myself from strangling my husband. He is just too good at pushing my buttons then turning around and acting like everything is great. Which makes it worse. He makes me feel like I'm always premenstrual. Grrrrrrrrr Is marriage supposed to be like this? We've been married almost a year and a half and there are times when I ask myself WHY.. WHYYYYYYYYYY! LOL I think I'm a glutton for punishment. Ok now my mind has wandered off to the finishing of the dishes and the start of making dinner so I should probably go and do that now.